What is an Entrepreneur in Residence?

and How to Become One?

An Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at InVitro Capital mentors startups and contributes to our innovation ecosystem, guiding early-stage ventures and shaping growth trajectories. If you’re an exceptional entrepreneur or industry expert, explore how you can become an EIR and make a meaningful impact with us.

Why Choose InVitro Capital?

InVitro provides unparalleled expertise in nurturing AI and SaaS startups to success!


Nurturing Entrepreneurial Success

At InVitro Capital, we are dedicated to helping visionary entrepreneurs turn their dreams into thriving realities. Our Entrepreneur in Residence (“EIR”) program provides aspiring founders with the comprehensive support and resources they need to succeed.


Expert Guidance at Every Stage

Our seasoned team of mentors is committed to guiding you through every phase of your entrepreneurial journey, from initial market research to scaling your venture. Benefit from their deep expertise and insights to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.


Investing in Your Vision

We don’t just invest in ideas; we invest in the passionate individuals behind them. Our mission is to empower you to transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into impactful ventures that make a meaningful difference.

InVitro Portfolio Journey

InVitro studio

InVitro Studio, “The Studio”, is the birthplace of innovation, guiding startups from ideation to product-market fit.





Diverging & Converging Ideation

Studio Team ideates and commits to solid ideas.




founded companies


PortCos are born and Studio directly & indirectly invests in them. Directly through capital investment and indirectly by allocation of central function resources.

InVitro Fund

Once a PortCo demonstrates product-market fit, InVitro Fund “The Fund” Invests strategically across pre-seed and seed financing rounds to propel the venture's growth. 




seed investments

pre-seed & seed

Fund invests in Port-Cos after they have products that are ready to sell and go-to-market.




founded companies

independent portfolio

Exit PortCos aiming for $70M - $100M exit valuations.

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How can I submit my startup idea to InVitro Capital?
Fill out the ‘Build with us’ form on our Entrepreneurs page to submit your innovative idea for consideration.
We invest in startups with disruptive technologies and scalable business models, particularly in AI and SaaS.
Yes, we offer seed funding to help early-stage startups validate their ideas and build prototypes.

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