Ambrish Mody

Co-Founder & Partner

Ambrish Mody

Ambrish is a seasoned product leader with 20+ years of experience in launching & scaling profitable solutions. Most recently, Ambrish was VP of Products at Howl, a marketplace connecting creators and brands, where he led the definition & implementation of Howl’s product strategy, reporting to the CEO/Founder.

In this role, he played a key role in leading Howl to 2x YoY growth. Prior to Howl, Ambrish spent 9 years at Google within Google Ads & Cloud org., where he led multiple product initiatives related to Connected TV, Data Privacy, Data Clean Rooms, and Doubleclick Bid Manager, collectively driving $400M P&L.

Ambrish also launched Vivaki’s tech platform which scaled to $1B in ARR

Ambrish has extensive leadership experience across diverse roles and technologies, driving integration across functions, and focusing on Engineering & Business stakeholders. Ambrish holds an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and a Masters in Marketing Analytics from Bentley College.

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